The Immaculate Conception School of Revere, Massachusetts opened on September 9, 1913 with Father Lee as pastor and four Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston as teachers. Sister Mary Regina was named as Mother Superior. The sisters lived in the old rectory that had been moved to the corner of Beach Street and Winthrop Avenue. The school was opened with grades one through four and a grade was added each year until the expansion to eight grades was completed. Initial enrollment was 230 pupils. The first grammar school class graduated in June, 1918.

In 1921, a senior high school was organized to offer classical, commercial, and scientific courses. The first freshman class was grade one of 1913. In 1925, the first senior class graduated from the high school. The class colors were blue and gold, the class flower was the red rose, and Semper Fiedelis was the class motto. Commencement exercises were held at the church on Sunday evening, June 14, 1925. Thirty-six students comprised the first graduating class of Immaculate Conception High School.

In August, 1939, Cardinal O'Connell appointed Reverend Thomas J. Brennan, from Saint Elizabeth's Hospital in Brighton, as pastor. Although Father Brennan was attentive to the needs of all parishioners, he was particularly concerned with the youth. His great hope was to build a recreational hall that the children of the parish could use for parish meetings and functions. Actual construction of the hall, located adjacent to the school on Winthrop Avenue, began in 1948. Unfortunately, Father Brennan did not live to see its completion. However, his successor, Reverend Patrick J. O'Connell, completed the project in 1949. It was named Father Brennan Hall after its caring founder. The hall has been home to parish and school functions and activities throughout the years.

The Immaculate Conception Reveries Drum and Bugle Corps, a talented group of the parish youth, was established in January, 1957 by John W. Brown. The Reveries won many awards, competitions and state championships, and competed nationally. In 1962, the group was one of the top corps in the East.

In 1969, the school faced a time of economic hardship; the Arab Oil Embargo was in full swing, and inflation was rampant. A shortage of Sisters in the teaching vocations had serious impact on the school. In the face of such economic and vocational hardships, the Parish was forced to close the high school. This great resource for the academically-inclined Catholic youth of Revere was lost and greatly missed. The high school closed in 1973, allowing for the expansion of the elementary school. An art room, library, resource room, computer room, and staffed offices were added to the school.

Over the last hundred plus years I.C. has provided a quality education to the students entering its halls. To have been a graduate of I.C. continues to be worn with pride within and without the community.


"The Immaculate Conception Parish School in Revere prepares a culturally diverse student community to become responsible, well-rounded, faith-filled citizens by focusing on Catholic values and high academic standards. Our school celebrates its faith by practicing the ideals of peace, justice and service to others, thereby witnessing to Christ's teachings."

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