Eight grade students meet with Mayor Brian Arrigo

On Oct 28, seven of our eighth grade students, together with Mrs. Donis Tracy, their religion teacher, met with Mayor Arrigo. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss ways to effect change in Revere with regards to the social sin of racism.

Despite the mayor's busy schedule, he agreed to meet with the students to discuss this topic so near and dear to their hearts.

"Racism is not something people are born with," remarked eighth grader Cierra Johnson. "Our school does a really good job of teaching that every person is unique and made in God's image, but that isn't true of all places."

Mayor Arrigo listened attentively and offered his own suggestions, which included possibly setting up a Youth Council to combat racism. Andrew Leone, fellow 8th grader, liked the idea of a Student-led Youth Council. "Adults sometimes try to benefit themselves, but a student-led council would try to benefit all students," he said.

This meeting came about because of a Social Sin unit in Religion class, where students were asked to think of ways to stand up to some of the social ills plaguing our society. Luna Murray, an eighth grader, began investigating ways she and her classmates can make a difference in the Revere community.

As more details emerge in the months ahead, we will keep all of our IC community posted.