Consecration of the New Altar

Our parish and school communities were blessed to have Sean P. Cardinal O'Malley presiding the 12:30AM Spanish Mass, on May 29, 2022.

Following the recommendations of the fifth chapter of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, with the title “The Arrangement and Ornamentation of Churches for the Celebration of the Eucharist,” our community did not hesitate to adequate the sanctuary, as the document describes.

The Cathedra and the Apostles' seats

294. The Priest Celebrant, the Deacon, and the other ministers have places in the sanctuary. There, also, should be prepared seats for concelebrants, but if their number is great, seats should be arranged in another part of the church, though near the altar.

310. The chair of the Priest Celebrant must signify his function of presiding over the gathering and of directing the prayer. Thus the more suitable place for the chair is facing the people at the head of the sanctuary.

Sean P. Cardinal O'Malley, Father Welington and other priests
A fixed altar

298. It is desirable that in every church there be a fixed altar, since this more clearly and permanently signifies Christ Jesus, the Living Stone (1 Pt 2:4; cf. Eph 2:20).

A crucified Christ

308. Likewise, either on the altar or near it, there is to be a cross, with the figure of Christ crucified upon it, a cross clearly visible to the assembled people. It is desirable that such a cross should remain near the altar even outside of liturgical celebrations, so as to call to mind for the faithful the saving Passion of the Lord.

A fixed Ambo

309. The dignity of the Word of God requires that in the church there be a suitable place from which it may be proclaimed and toward which the attention of the faithful naturally turns during the Liturgy of the Word. It is appropriate that generally this place be a stationary ambo and not simply a movable lectern. The ambo must be located in keeping with the design of each church in such a way that the ordained ministers and readers may be clearly seen and heard by the faithful.

Many of our parishioners have never witnessed the consecration and dedication of a new altar. Some parishioners had their eyes full of tears while Cardinal O'Malley anointed the altar with the Chrism oil, and then incensed it. The altar was dedicated to Saint Padre Pio de Pietrelcina, and a piece of his gloves with the blood of the stigmata was placed in the reliquary, still visible through the altar cloth. Finally, the rite of consecration and dedication was concluded when volunteers “vested” the altar of dignity with a beautiful handmaid altar cloth and flowers.

A piece of his gloves with the blood of the stigmata of Saint Padre Pio de Pietrelcina
Consecration of the Altar

On that same day, Cardinal O'Malley officially installed Father Wellington Oliveira as the pastor of Immaculate Conception Church for the period of six years. A bronze plaque was installed in the church building listing the names of the benefactors or their beloved departed, who generously made the new sanctuary project a reality. For pictures and other details, please visit Cardinal O'Malley's blog

Cardinal O'Malley officially installed Father Wellington Oliveira as the pastor of Immaculate Conception Church
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