Pastoral Work

Neocatechumenal Way
  • 1st Community - Responsible: Ms. Jannet Urrego
  • 2nd Community - Responsible: Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio Cataño
  • 3rd Community - Responsible: Mr. Matthew Gallego
  • 4th Community - Responsible: Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Ortiz
Grupo de Oración - Charismatic Renewal

Board of Coordinators: Mr. Jose Noe Santos and Mr. William Ortez.

Ministries of the group:

  • Predica: Mr. David Guerrero and Ms. Dalila Olivares
  • Animación: Mr. Victor Rodriguez and Mr. Mario Garcia
  • Intercession: Mr. Daniel Dominguez and Mr. Humberto Cuarta
  • Bienvenida: Mrs. Maria Rosa and Mrs. Reina Gutierrez
  • Cuido de Niños: Mrs. Katia Guerrero and Mrs. Brenda Landaverde
  • Visitar los Enfermos: Mr. Geovany Tejada and Mrs. Luz Tabares
  • Musica: Mr. Oscar Calderon and Mr. Gabriel
Grupo de Jóvenes - Youth Group

Board of Coordinators: Mr. Mario Garcia, Ms. Melany Rodriguez, Ms. Ashley Garcia, Ms. María José Rivas , Ms. Kenia Carvajal, Mr. Rafael Morales.

Mass Times
Sunday / Domingo

10:30 AM - English

12:30 PM - Español

06:00 PM - Español

Monday / Lunes

09:00 AM - English
(St. Jude novena)

Tuesday / Martes

07:30 AM - English

Wednesday / Miércoles

07:30 AM - English

07:00 PM - Español

Thursday / Jueves

07:30 AM - English

Friday / Viernes

07:30 AM - English

07:00 PM - Español

Saturday / Sabado

09:00 AM - English
(Religious Education)

04:00 PM - English
(Sunday Liturgy)

06:00 PM - Neocatechumenate

Confession Times

By appointment. Please contact the Parish Office.

Spiritual Direction should be previously discussed with our priests.

Eucharistic Adoration
Monday to Friday

10AM to 5PM

(except holidays)

Parish Office
Monday to Friday

9AM to 5PM

(except holidays)


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