Pastoral Work

Neocatechumenal Way
  • 1st Community - Responsible: Mrs. Jannet Urrego
  • 2nd Community - Responsible: Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio Cataño
  • 3rd Community - Responsible: Mr. and Mrs. John Schettino
  • 4th Community - Responsible: Mr. and Mrs. Fabio Clavel
Grupo de Oración - Charismatic Renewal

Board of Coordinators: Mr. Jose Noe Santos and Mr. William Ortez.

Ministries of the group:

  • Predica: Mr. David Guerrero and Ms. Dalila Olivares
  • Animación: Mr. Victor Rodriguez and Mr. Mario Garcia
  • Intercession: Mr. Daniel Dominguez and Mr. Humberto Cuarta
  • Bienvenida: Mrs. Maria Rosa and Mrs. Reina Gutierrez
  • Cuido de Niños: Mrs. Katia Guerrero and Mrs. Brenda Landaverde
  • Visitar los Enfermos: Mr. Geovany Tejada and Mrs. Luz Tabares
  • Musica: Mr. Oscar Calderon and Mr. Gabriel
Grupo de Jóvenes - Youth Group

Board of Coordinators: Ms. Vivian Aguirre, Mr. Henry Carvajal, Ms. Melany Rodriguez, Ms. Jasmin Blanco, Ms. Ashley Garcia, Ms. María José Rivas , Ms. Kenia Carvajal, Mr. Rafael Morales.

Mass Times
Sunday / Domingo

08:30 AM - English

10:30 AM - English

12:30 PM - Español

06:00 PM - Español

Monday / Lunes

09:00 AM - English
(St. Jude novena)

Tuesday / Martes

07:30 AM - English

Wednesday / Miércoles

07:30 AM - English

07:00 PM - Español

Thursday / Jueves

07:30 AM - English

Friday / Viernes

07:30 AM - English

07:00 PM - Español

Saturday / Sabado

09:00 AM - English
(Religious Education)

04:00 PM - English
(Sunday Liturgy)

06:00 PM - Neocatechumenate

Confession Times

By appointment. Please contact the Parish Office.

Spiritual Direction should be previously discussed with our priests.

Eucharistic Adoration
Every Friday

5PM to 6:45PM

Parish Office
Monday to Friday

09:00AM to Noon

02:00PM to 5:00PM


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